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 When the prospect of divorce arises in your marriage, it's imperative you know what is at stake.

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About Us is a boutique consulting firm for individuals or couples in the Monsey area contemplating divorce. You may already be overwhelmed, but divorce can get even more so. You need to know what is out there, who you need to talk to and who can best help your situation

Our mission is to arm you with the knowledge you need as you enter this very difficult period of your life.

Our vision is to help marriages that can be revived be brought back stronger than before, and marriages that cannot be, are dissolved peacefully with minimal pain

We are not affiliated with any lawyers, judges, Batei Dinim or anyone else in the divorce business. Advice we give is completely neutral and with only your interests in mind

Completely Confidential

Completely Independent

Why Consult?

The divorce business is fraught with hazards, dangers, and all kinds of unsavory characters. Even the most seemingly trustworthy lawyers, mediators and rabbanim are motivated by interests that very often don't align with yours


Every divorce is completely different. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. You may be wondering if divorce is right for you, what your options are, or what you need to do to protect yourself - legally, physically, financially, or otherwise.


We are connected with a wide array of professionals - lawyers, mediators, therapists - who we can recommend for your particular situation. Every professional will have pros and cons (sometimes only cons!) for your case and it's important for you to know what they are

A wealth of information for your journey


Halachic Prenup

It's never too late to sign a Halachic Prenup / Postnup. Download and Print and copy from igning the halachic prenup is the ultimate demonstration to your future spouse that you are committed to them, to your extended families, and to the family you will God-Willing build together


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